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How to Be Creative: Creativity can be learned, but it is very important to keep it inside and keep it up. It may be that the ghost of suddenly becoming creative in your mind, but to get creative, is not enough for just a couple of days, but it takes a lot of time to get inside you - keep it within yourself And even more can be extended, and it is important that you have a proper attitude, a friendly routine, and you do not make too much pressure on yourself Not. If you want to be creative too, follow the given steps.


Correct your mindset to Be Creative

Respond to people, but these responses are right or wrong for you, you decide: You do not change your path. This is the only problem by taking the response from someone that the response of that person is one-way, and the reason behind such a feeling is that their views are somewhat different from you and you feel that their thoughts or advice No work will be done. Other people will want to take you in a direction that is right for you and not for them. Although their feelings are not wrong, they just want to suppress you and nothing else. You should take the initiative to get people to know their thoughts, but their ideas should not let you dominate.
  1. When you start to know their thoughts with people, then you will also know which human being understands your work and can give you the right advice, and such people who are not worthy of your work. Are.
  2. When you have completed this creative work, whatever it is, you can start listening to people's reaction to this. But any criticism of anybody during the creative process, even if they are creative, should not be suppressed by your creativity.
  3. One thing to remember is that people will always protest against your thoughts because a good idea always has the power to make changes in the circumstances, these often have already existed things, people in many ways, such as their attitude Can also be changed. Whenever you present such ideas to people who are capable of making changes, people start to fear it because they do not want to see any change in anything.
Do not be afraid of your criticisms: In fact, you should feel yourself stronger than the other people from inside. Always ask yourself, "How could I make it better?" Or "For this perfect world, what should I have been separated?" Accept it, that you are not perfect, and you are making every possible effort to do something better as a result of your self-belief. If you do not see any shortage in your work, then you probably are not trying properly.
  1. It does not mean to review yourself, that you have to prepare a very difficult standard for yourself, to get it fulfilled, you always feel like you are making some mistake. You have to learn to appreciate your strength while reviewing your work as well.
Do not become a perfectionist: Your good idea of doing something good and making everything right, always inspire you to do something different. There are so many unlimited ways to achieve creative success in this way. It is also common for mistakes, and sometimes even some very creative people make a lot of mistakes. Nature also makes beautiful mistakes. Do not even try to be perfect in force, otherwise, you will ruin all these things, which could possibly make your work unique.
  1. If you keep thinking about just doing everything right every time, then by doing so, you will be suppressing your thoughts. Of course, maybe, you may have done a really good amount of work, but in this way, it will keep you from doing something that is different from the perfect work and maybe even something that could be very different.
  2. Work with some bad ideas too. Even if you think that you are just thinking something wrong, you can still be creative, let them grow, and they can also be transformed into a better result! To make your good thoughts perfect Instead, try to improve your bad thoughts.
Do not think that there should be only some creative ideas in your mind: there are different things to define your importance as a human being: how you treat other people, yourself How to take care of, how much love is filled with love for the world inside you, your desire to become selfless, the power to do hard things difficult We can grow like this and creative expressions are some things that matter.
  1. But this is not the only thing that matters, which matters. If you fail in these creative endeavors, then try, that it will not affect your self-confidence. Think of it as an opportunity to do something better.
  2. And never compare the views of your mind with the views of one of your creative friends. Every person moves forward in their own way, and this is something that promotes unhealthy mentality inside you and not encourages you.
If you know that you are going to fail, then try to think yourself once in that situation: It may seem a bit difficult for you to get that thinking, but it is very important. Many people, who are perfect, are afraid of failing them and just because they only start doing the same things in which they gain great independence. Do not be subject to this assumption. Creativity is similar to dating: If you do not lose it once, then this does not mean you are not trying to put your whole life into it. So get rid of your importance, be prepared for failure (but do not expect it), and be ready to face a new and challenging situation. If you will not ever make a long jump, then such a thing will never make you creative. Maybe you are afraid of falling, but if you try, you will be able to see yourself, how well you are doing it and it is also successful.
  1. Let's assume that you are a poet. So try your hand in writing a short story (short story), even if it is completely different from your workspace. And see how much comfort you get by doing something new and while doing it, you will be scared to run away fearing your mind.
Think like an adult person, but keep the children same as the children: An adult who tries to become creative, does not face any obstacles in the way of walking on this path: What can you do here? No, the kind of behavior that is expected of us and what is not, rules exist for everything. All these rules are for some reason (we are not saying that they are useless), but they can stop your creativity. In its place, use whatever you have acquired by becoming an adult, and treat it as far as possible as a child. Seeing anything inside the children is a surprise, try to maintain it, and look at every person passing through your front or look at every tree that you find amazing.
  1. Children do question more than the extent of trying to understand this world. You should never leave this to happen.
  2. Creativity is already present in children, which constantly develops, some, because they keep learning about the world and some, are because they do not know what they are going to do.
  3. Do not panic even by violating any rule. Let us maintain that innocence and flirtatiousness inside all the people and with this, search for every new thing.

Do your personal work to Be Creative

Find a routine for yourself: Routines can also give you positive benefits if they make a healthy and creative assumption strong; But if they are keeping you away from creativity, then they may be harmful to you too. However, even after breaking your routine, you may be motivated to think of something new, what if your routine also involves increasing / learning / experiencing something new? Those people who always speak upright against the routine, the reason behind such a thing is that they have never made a routine for themselves, which helps them to move towards internal development. Its purpose is to find creative perceptions that can lead you to a much more creative mindset.
  1. If you really want to be creative, then in this way you start to see your creative ideas as your work. You have to sit down and sit down, even if you are not feeling inspired too, but still, you have to bring some results in front of you within the time determined to be creative.
  2. For many authors, there is no limit to the words written in only one day, but there are so many strange needs of not knowing how to write them on a particular situation. As you may also know, if a writer has to write a story about a film, then there is no need to know how strange and some uneven exploits (even tales related to superstition) are not known to spice it up.
  3. Do not panic even by making your environment-friendly and controlling. Sometimes we just do not know what we can think of, like you might have heard many authors saying that they got inspired to write some of your books or heard a song or on any other way Saw, and wrote this story, or while bathing, I got the first thought of this story in my mind.
  4. To encourage your creativity, take out a little bit of time every day of the day. During this time do everything that can help your mind move towards creativity. Regardless of whether you are doing meditation, writing something without thinking, listening to a particular song or reading your favorite book - anything that takes you towards it, do everything Make a goal for each day (such as making a sketch in one day, writing 1,000 words a day, making a new search in a day or singing).
Do not be impressed by the trend: Although aware of what is going on in the trend, it will help you to move forward with your culture, but it is not that you will be able to move along with the move, You are doing the same thing and think that this is what is going on nowadays. In its place, go on your way and do just that, which gives you the most inspiration. If you like to hear KK, but if you are running Arijit in the trend, then what should anyone take from it? If you want to sell your luggage, instead of launching an online app, you want to open your own shop, this is also true. It is a good idea to know all that is happening in your area and what is going on, but do not let it affect your work, just do what you want to do.

There is a great difference between the two, not to be influenced by trends and to completely ignore the movements. If you are trying to write something fictional, then first you have to know what kind of fantasy stories are discussed in your area, so that you will also know what kind of stories you should write for your area. To be able to tell people about your work well, you should be aware of all the things you are about to work on.

Do not go crazy behind the most popular things: do not watch too much TV, do not listen to too much radio and do not let this popular trend dominate your life. However, if restraint is kept, then none of these things are bad for you, it can be very difficult for you to follow your habits and create difficulties for you to create your own real thoughts. Instead of watching TV, talk to your friends and try to get some good ideas; Instead of listening to the popular music on the radio, go to the record store and discover your passion for music.
  1. If you do this, then in this way you will start to focus all your attention on TV or radio - most people do not understand them more than background music. If you are such a person, do not panic even with being a bit calm, but in its place listen to the sound coming out of this distracted mind and see if it comes out.
  2. Talking to such people, whoever thinks differently from the way you are, can motivate you to think creatively.
Do not force yourself to work in a single style: Although you should be able to present your work to the public, you do not need to keep your creative thinking under your control, There is no need to make the same kind of thing. If your work is worth more than one genre, such as horror, novel written for young adults with insights, it can make it even more interesting. When you are working, do not set your work to a single area; After this, you are done, then after this, you can become disturbed by thinking about it.

Take advantage of your loneliness: It is not that you have to stop mixing with people, but many people believe that, when they are alone, they get more creative thoughts in mind and this By staying alone in the way, they are able to put all their attention only on their own work. Try to stay alone for some time in order to bring brainstorming ideas to your art. Just before bedtime - and try to spend some time soon after getting up in the morning - so that some good ideas can come. Many artists say that, soon after rising in the morning, there are quite a number of creative ideas in their mind.
  1. At the same time, learn how to work with cooperation. Many artists say that when they work together with another person, then whatever they think, they become worthy of creating a new history and they try to make every thought possible. Are. Even if they are Jatin-Fine, whether Salim-Suleiman or Vishal-Shekhar, everyone believes that cooperation plays a very important role in improving anything and making a great composition.
  2. Find someone with whom you can share your thoughts with. Challenge him with something different and better with him. It may be that the creativity of both of you becomes popular among the people.
Ignore the past: If you really want to do your own real things, do not let the time go in front of you. It is also important to know how far new things have come in the world, but it does not even mean that you try to imitate them. You may be inspired and inspired by some artists in the past, but do not let them dominate your style and emotion. In the creative situation of your mind, the moment does not matter - it takes a few hours as if some seconds have passed and you will be completely submerged in the present.  Learn how to live in the moment
  1. It is okay to get motivation from past moments, but do not dominate it completely. It may be that in the past you have seen something that you liked so much, and something that you disliked.
  2. So remember all these things and try to get some inspiration from them and try to develop something new on your own. Find an old art and try to give it a different perspective and modernity. Listen to an old song and try to create a different and new song.
  3. Whatever you want to do with the old things (if you want to take some inspiration from him), then try, that it is better to copy it in exactly the same way that you try to make something better.

Challenge yourself through some creative exercises

Keep yourself limited to using some important tools: Use some limited resources that can make you capable of using everything you have, and you can use your knowledge and limit your creativity Can also motivate to increase. By using these little tools, you can make a lot better, and by using them again and again, you will be able to create different things without knowing them, whatever they can make. With this, you will be able to think even more intensely than the person who does not have any means to know.  Learn how to use the tools should be used.
  1. If you are a painter, then limit yourself with just one medium and a few color sets. If you do the drawing, then limit yourself with just a few pencils. Especially in the beginning, there is a sense of being able to make something new with fewer tools, as long as you do not have enough resources available, you will help in enhancing creative thinking.
  2. If you make a movie, then first limit yourself to just black and white films. If you are a photographer, do the same. Do not think that there is always the same option for creativity; That's not all at all. Creativity creates many new choices, and not itself.
  3. If you are an author, then start writing just such words in the beginning, that the child of the 6th grade can understand, even if you are writing on a subject, which is also difficult for adults to settle in their jaw Are doing so. If you are a choreographer, then try moving forward in either your performance or in any of your play, without using any props. And then see, what happens!
Write a story based on a picture: Think about the picture about 100 (or 50) words, then write them down, then try to make some funny story by combining all those (or some) words. If you wish, you can use any magazine, either by getting a picture online or by using an old photograph of your own.

Think about any one topic at least half an hour every day, in a slightly different way: you may find it very difficult to do this in the beginning. So you can start thinking about one subject only for 5 minutes a day, then after this, keep going till this time, until it reaches half an hour. In the beginning, whenever you are alone, start thinking about it, but gradually you will start thinking of it in a lot of deviations, such as when traveling and working.

Try me, say, for 15 minutes without using words like me and mine: make it very easy and keep it very interesting, so that if someone is reading or listening, then hearing it all Nothing feels weird It will lead you to think freely and take away your boredom from your mental occupation and your own life.
  1. If you liked this game, then again, without using the words "and", "but" or "at this time", see how long you can speak (and should have any meaning!).
Mix two different ideas together: choose two different things, and then fully describe both. What does this look like? What is the use of it? How is this made? Then change the information of an object with the information of the other object. How can the first object?
  1. (A) be made like the second object.
  2. (B)? Or how can this (A) be used as a second object (B)?
Write a journal: How can one thing be transferred between some other thing? Write a journal: Write everything you have realized and everything you have done in a journal, and how these things have changed It can be done, write it too. (For example, how many different ways can you clean your teeth?) Before writing the Metaphor Journal, you can start writing with a good transfer. This metaphor can be compared to any kind, including the idea of how one object should be used as something else, but in which you do not use words like "like" or "as" Can do
  1. If you do not understand this transfer, then you can also use the simple things, such that - this equality is such a comparison, in which "like as" or "as in" Words are used.
Using Song Lyrics, answer some common questions: First make a list of some common questions, such as "What is your name?" Or "What did you do on last Thursday?" Write down at least 10 questions like this. The more questions you will be, the better for you! Whatever questions you have in mind, write them down, even if you are not feeling so childish. Answer this question with the lyrics of a song, and try to repeat one song more than once.

Play Word Association games: If someone wants to play it with you, it is a good thing, otherwise you would like, you can play it alone too. If you are playing it alone, then write down your initial words and let the next word come in 10 minutes before speaking. Now compare your initial words and last words. They should be slightly different from each other. With this, your mind will be able to bring different ideas.

Write one story from the perspective of only three characters: try to tell one story from the perspective of the three main characters in it. You can think of it, that all the characters present in the story look at all the events with the same perspective, but when you will peep into their mind, no two people will see any circumstance from the same perspective. This will help you to get the reviewer in mind, and with that, you will also get a better understanding of your story.
  1. When you write your story with the attitude of the three characters, then ask yourself after, which is the best of these stories. Why did this happen in this way?

Enter the realm of peace

Enter the realm of peace: Any creative idea comes at the time of peace or stability. This is also the main source of all the compositions. It's free from everything, it's totally disinterested. However, people of many creative tendencies are not aware that their thoughts come at the time when they do not think of anybody and are always calm down. Many people never feel calm and therefore they can never become creative. If you are looking for a constructive solution to any problem, then you need to think about staying in the purview of peace for some time. Anything you get after this will be considered as your amazing creation. How to do it now?
  1. Meditate. Meditation removes you from every thought and helps you to keep yourself connected to the stability of mind. Being aware of your body and your breath, there is also a good meditation. Learn the new techniques of meditation.
  2. Take any kind of activity that you really like. 
  3. Have you ever noticed that there is no thought in your mind while doing your favorite work, your mind is completely different from the outside bustle? You are free from all worries, problems, past, and future. 
  4. You are just feeling your presence. After doing this activity, pay attention to your thoughts. This phenomenon can be anything, such as biking, spending time with your pet, listening to music, or talking to someone close to you.
  5. Do not just accept or reject anything, but rather use them.
Advice to Be Creative
  1. Do not care much about what other people say about your work or ideas. You know yourself more than that.
  2. Spend more time with some creative people. And you will not get any more creatives than your children. His imagination power is very open, and if you stay with him, then he will always teach you to think beyond bounds.
  3. If you are having trouble making a creative, then peeking inside yourself once. Everyone is creative, but if you think that you are not worth the creative, then it is likely that you will never be able to be creative. Increase trust in yourself and you will find yourself as easy as possible to think of yourself as you are.
  4. Change your way of thinking, change your way of going somewhere, read something in the restroom, search for new things while roaming in the city.
  5. Keep most of the blue color around you. According to recent research, such people who have a blue wall or any other background behind them can do any creative work better, while those who work with the red background, They do more research about anything
  6. Creativity is needed to practice. If you want to do something in a creative way, keep doing it again and again. The more you do this, the more creative you will be made.
  7. There is another thing here that you have to pay attention before you become creative. Listen to your heart! Understand your environment! Listen to the voice that comes from your mind!
  8. Think about the experiences of your life, and then change it in some way, like, like a song, make a painting, make a college or make a small film!
  9. Listen to music while painting or drawing.
  10. Think beyond the boundaries. Draw some lines on a paper and see, what happens!
  11. Think about how your life should be, think about what you want to feel. Then draw it, 
  12. write a song or a story about it, express these feelings in front of every human being in the world so that everyone can recognize your inner beauty!