How to Ignore Someone

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It can be a difficult task to ignore or ignore a person, even then, when that person, from which you want to avoid, gets hit by you or he comes to talk to you unintentionally, saying that He has not received any messages from you for many days or you have no news. But if you want to ignore someone (without knowing it) then you only need to look busy, change your routine and break all contact with that person. If you want to know how to ignore someone, just read this article.


Use Body Language Ignore someone

Do not mix eyes: Do not contact eye contact if any person is the best way to ignore it. Once you start seeing in his eyes, you accept his presence and open his pole. If the person is close to you, even if you look in everyone's eyes, look at the front or look at the earth below, but avoid looking at him at all costs.
  1. If that person is younger than you, look at the head from above his head. If he is taller than you, be sure not to look up.
  2. If it is too long and standing close to you and if accidentally get noticed, then show such things as something has gone in your eyes and move ahead with your eyes.
  3. Get to know fast: It will know that you are busy, you have a lot of work and you have no intention of delaying, meeting with your person, whom you are looking for. Regards, even if you do not have to go to a particular place, even if you lift your head, lift your head and look at the front as you are moving towards your next goal.
  4. If you see that person coming from a distance, leave a lot of space so you can not even come close to it.
  5. Keep in mind, you are doing this, it should not be a sensation that you want to ignore. For example; Do not leave your way completely to go away from that person. If you go to the other side of the road or to enter the corridor after seeing it, it will feel like you are really doing this to ignore it. But if you look at that person from a distance and you are certain that he has not seen you then you should try to move in the other direction.
Show blocked to Ignore someone: If you are close to that person, then turn your arms in front of the chest, keep one foot on one side, bend your shoulders and show anything so that you feel that you are out of reach at all. Your body should say, "friend, do not talk to me" and hopefully he will get the message.
  1. And neither do I smile at all. Maintain a flat face and if possible, then take your auto brow as if you do not want to talk to anyone.
  2. You can also create a teasing flat face that will scare you away, intimidating any interested person to talk to you.
  3. If your hair is long, hangs on your forehead, or you wear a hat, then cover it with a part of your face so that the person gets discouraged in your efforts to mix with you.
Keep your body busy: instead of being blocked, you can actually look so busy, probably so busy, that you have a second to do any silly discussion with him, there is no extra time.
  1. If you are with your friends, then you should show the gesture with a loud noise, look so enthusiast as if you can not take the time to talk to the person you are ignoring, to see if you can see him.
  2. If you are alone, then look up engrossed in a book, magazine or a Noble. You can also read the words while bubbling, showing it as if you mean to remember them.
  3. Keep your hands surrounded. Whether you are walking or sitting, holding a plant in your phone, textbook or uncomfortable pot. This will discourage that person from talking to you.

Use technology to Ignore someone

Use of the phone: Use of the phone will help you to ignore almost everyone. To neglect someone with the phone, you can do a lot. First of all, whenever you see that person, you can show yourself busy, using the phone. Laugh loudly to someone else, talk to the phone, or you can exchange text messages from someone you want to talk to.
  1. Change your phone number so that the person can not call or text you.
  2. Block that person's number on your phone, so that neither he can call or send you the text.
  3. Put an alarm on your phone, so that it starts ringing right when you're near it and you can pick it up and pretend to talk to someone.
Play music to Ignore someone: Buy headphones and wear them all the time, whenever you are alone, whether you are not listening to music. When you look at that person, then move the music to the tearing level and shake your head along the rhythm so that you can see such a completely immersed in that tune, so that the person you want to ignore, It seems like you have no time to waste.
  1. If you really want to appear annoying then you can close your eyes and sing along with music, so that the person you are neglecting has not got any chance to talk to you.
Ignoring someone online: To ignore someone online is easier than ignoring him face-to-face because you do not have to physically avoid him. To ignore someone online, be sure to ignore any e-mails, Facebook post or messages, Twitter feed or any attempts to contact online.
  1. Block that person from all your social networks. Make sure that he does not have any way to reach you online.
  2. Change your e-mail address and other usernames if necessary. That person should not have any way to contact you online.

Change Your Routine to Ignore someone

Find a new way to stroll: If you want to neglect someone by changing their routine, the easiest way is to change your stroll's way, so that you no longer clash. If you visit the person who is coming to the room unintentionally, then to go to the next class, choose a long way so that you do not have to see that person. If you meet the person in the office, contact the other way or start using other restrooms to keep the contact at least.
  1. If you are looking at that person while walking on foot, start moving from here on the car.
  2. If that person changes the routing rules to suit your daily routine, then keep changing your routine until it does not give up.
Stay away from the person's favorite hangouts: it's a straightforward thing. If you know the person's favorite times, rhetoricians and gardens, just do not go there anymore. If you do not want to ignore the person's life by knowing all the time, then do not go there again.
  1. You can also find out when the person goes out. If he only goes to the weekend in his favorite restaurant, and you really want to go there, then you can go there in the days of the week.
  2. If that person only goes to the Happy Hour in a bar, then you can go there late in the night, after that.
Go there where he will never go: If that person is carnivorous then you should find out the neighboring vegetarian restaurants near you. If he hates jazz music then you should find out where and when Jazz's program is going in the near future. If he is the staunch enemy of any of your friends, the parties to that friend's house are the best places to protect you.
  1. By actively going to those places where he will not go, you are ignoring not only him but also finding new places where the person is not involved.
To embrace someone

To ignore someone in school: It can be difficult to ignore someone in school, and that too, when you are with that person in all the classes, but even then you are indirectly correct, the way to ignore it can find. Do this:
  1. If you normally sit next to him in class then change your place. If your seating area is fixed then ask your teacher if you can change your location.
  2. If you see that person in the cafeteria, see if you can sit in a new place.
  3. If you see that person in the school corridor, just look straight ahead, just as your goal is to go to the next class and you have not given attention to it.
  4. If the person asks you a question in class, on the other hand, look like something has happened.
To ignore someone in the office: It can be difficult to ignore someone in the office because it is possible that you sit near that person or work with the person on the projects. Even then, you can do something to minimize the contact.
  1. When that person is there, then avoid going to a break room or kitchen. Know when the person goes to the kitchen to take lunch or coffee and make sure that the time of your meal and coffee is different from that.
  2. If you sit near that person, stay focused on your computer, and keep the bundle of paper on your desk so that you can look at that person and look at the place, always engrossed in them.
  3. Do not jeopardize your professional life. If you have to talk to that person in real fact to do any work, then do it. The person will tease more when you talk to him during his work but he will completely disregard him after work.
Ignore someone's social (ignores someone socially): If you know what to do then it's easy to ignore someone's social behavior. You only have to depend on your friends and if you are in the same room, then stay away from the person as possible. You can:
  1. Engage with your friends Talk to friends and make such a shock as if you've heard the funniest joke in this world.
  2. Dancing If that person comes near you and playing music, then pick a friend and take him to the stage and start churning. If a person comes "near you" then close your eyes like you are enjoying music.
  3. If that person is in your group, then be extra busy with all other people around this. When that person speaks, then begin to scrub your ear or check something in your phone - such as something is not happening.
Advice to Ignore someone
  1. Ensure that you have the proper reason to ignore that person: bad, angry, annoying, ex-boyfriend, friend made an enemy, or someone who puts you in trouble. If you ignore someone because of a reason, then you can get mixed meanings, especially if you have been a friend before. It is possible that they do not even know what has happened to them.
  2. When the person tries to talk to you, take out your phone and pretend that you are answering someone's phone / talking to someone.
  3. If you want to ignore, even if you are calling your name or trying to attract your attention, even then you can get out of there quickly, that you look busy, say "oh, hey" and Keep moving on your way as if it is very necessary.
  4. To separate yourself from the person who is irritating you, use an MP3 player.
  5. Stay away from anyone who is trying to come near you. Whenever the person is near you, then stay busy with him.
  6. If you do not like that person then it becomes easy.
  7. Make sure you have a legitimate reason to ignore that person. (As if they are trying to apologize for any mistake, they should probably give them an opportunity.)
  8. If you are at work, keep the door closed or pretend that you are on the phone.
  9. If you know that you will meet him at a certain place (like a grocery store), before going in, see if his car is standing outside.
  10. If someone considers it as a personal matter, threatens or becomes dangerous, like chasing it etc., then tell a believer to a young man.
  11. If a person wants to be friendly (at school) then stay tactful for some time and then cut it.
  12. If there is such a solution, cause or problem, due to which you are neglecting that person, then, first of all, think about resolving it with the dialogue.
  13. If that person, whom you are angry with, is really sad, it would be best if you forgive them or clean them before you completely lose them. Give them an opportunity - it can also be a misunderstanding.
Warning to Ignore someone
  1. Neglecting someone who really wants to talk to you is extremely harmful and hurts emotionally to that person. Before you begin to ignore someone, make sure that he really is his character.