Strina manni vaat jano

 Kavishiromani: Sundarammiss you,
 lived in Pondicherry for ages.  Gandhi and Arvind's romance had a profound effect on the poet of poetry and world literature on immortal
Gujarati and creation like 'his personality is thirsty for the desert'.
  Today is Vasudha, Yatra and Rang birth day of Sundaram. 

 and Kavyamangala, Kantikar Suryasen, creators of Koya Bhagat's bitter 'Gol Ki' voice and story of the poor.

  Sundaram's color is blue.

 His original name is.
 Tribhuvandas Kavya Grantho and Hirakani Purushottamdas Luhar and other stories. Piyasi was born in Bharuch district and Unnayan is a well known story collection in his Amod taluka.  Miyamantar Sundaram village.  Sundaram Vasanti Purnima, Elementary Education Miyamantar, Amodma Chidbara, Pavakne Panthe, Dakshinayan, Lai Gujarat Vidyapeeth graduated observation, literary contemplation, Samarchana.  Anjali, Pravas and Charitra Granths are also written after Sundaram's activities in Ahmedabad.  He passed away on 13 January 1991 at Jyoti Sangh and Arvind Ashram.

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