Creating Shri Ram's 3D Picture with Bing: Easy Steps

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In the world of technology, making art has become more accessible than ever. Follow these simple steps to use Microsoft Bing's Image Creator app to create a beautiful 3D image of Lord Shree Ram's return to Ayodhya.

Step 1: Download Bing from the Play Store

Start by downloading the Microsoft Bing app from the Play Store on your phone. Make sure you have a good internet connection.

Step 2: Open the App and Click on Image Creator

Once the Bing app is installed, open it and look for 'Apps.' Click on 'Image Creator' to begin your creative journey.

Step 3: Copy and Paste the Given Text

Generate a three-dimensional depiction. portraying Lord Shree Ram returning to Ayodhya, adorned with a bow and arrow on his back. Enthusiastic crowds greet him with flowers, seeking blessings. In the foreground, a adult teenager named “Your Name” sits, clad in a saffron T-shirt, hands joined in prayer. Bold white letters on his back spell “Your Name,” and the newly constructed Ram’s Temple stands proudly in the background.


Step 4: Add Your Name

Look for the place to add your personal touch. Instead of "Your Name," type your real name. This makes the picture uniquely yours.

Step 5: Copy the Changed Text

After adding your name, copy the new text that now has your personal details.

Step 6: Create the 3D Image

Click 'Create' or 'Generate' to turn the text into a beautiful 3D image. Let Bing's magic turn your words into a visual masterpiece.

Step 7: Check and Customize

Once done, take a look. If you can, make small changes like colors or poses to make sure everything looks just right. Check that Lord Ram, the crowds, and the temple are shown well.

Step 8: Save Your Picture

Like what you see? Save the final 3D image in the best quality. This keeps your creation clear and crisp.

Step 9: Share Your Art

Share your Shri Ram 3D image with friends or on social media right from the app. Show off your creative mix of ancient stories and today's technology.


With these easy steps, you can create a wonderful 3D picture of Lord Shree Ram's return to Ayodhya using Microsoft Bing. Embrace technology and share your unique blend of the past and present with the world.