How Airlines Make Money? | How to get Cheapest Tickets?

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Ever wondered about the cost differences in air travel? Let's dive into the extremes and unravel the mysteries behind sky-high luxury and budget-friendly flights.

The Price Extremes

The average economy-class ticket from Delhi to Mumbai hovers around ₹5,000. Now, think big. What's the most expensive flight ticket you can imagine? ₹500,000? ₹1 million? ₹2 million? It's time to think even bigger.

Enter Etihad Airways' "The Residence." This isn't your regular first-class seat; it's a sky hotel suite. Picture this: a queen-sized bed, a private bathroom, a cozy sitting area, and your personal butler on a flight from New York to Abu Dhabi, pampering you for 12.5 hours. The cost? Brace yourself—₹5.5 million for one flight!

On the flip side, we have Ryanair, a budget airline famous for incredibly cheap tickets. While a standard Delhi-Mumbai flight might cost ₹5,000, Ryanair offers fares as low as ₹800-₹1,500. Yes, you read that right!

Unraveling Profit Secrets

Now, let's talk money. Who's making more profit—luxury or budget airlines? Surprisingly, it's Ryanair! In 2022, while Etihad raked in $296 million in profits, Ryanair soared with $1.5 billion. How do they do it?

Business Models Unveiled

Airlines operate on two main models: 

Full-Service and Low-Cost. Full-Service airlines like Etihad offer meals, entertainment, baggage check-in, and ample seat space. On the other hand, Low-Cost airlines like Ryanair slash ticket prices but charge extra for add-ons like baggage, seat selection, or snacks.

Insider Tricks for Cheaper Flights

Now, let's get practical. Want to snag cheap tickets? Here are some savvy tips:
  • Flexibility Wins: Try flying on weekdays for lower prices.
  • Hunt for Deals: Use multiple websites to compare prices and grab discounts.
  • Explore Alternatives: Consider nearby airports or opt for layover flights.
  • Stay Updated: Sign up for alerts and newsletters for insider deals.

The Evolution of Air Travel

Airline strategies are evolving. Airlines are phasing out first-class seats in favor of more profitable business and premium economy options. They're cutting costs by using standardized aircraft, clever pricing algorithms, and even opting for smaller, cheaper airports.

Your Flight Booking Playbook

To ace your flight bookings:
  • Target off-peak days like Tuesdays and Wednesdays for better prices.
  • Use flight comparison tools like Google Flights for smarter bookings.
  • Consider nearby airports and stopover flights for potential savings.
  • Shop around different booking platforms for hidden gems.

With these insights, you're ready to navigate the skies like a pro. Bon voyage on your next flight adventure!