How To Control Your Dreams

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How to control your dreams: It can be the most exciting experience of a person to control his dreams. Do you want to see the dream of your most imaginative dreams, or see yourself like a king or queen in its subconscious dream?


Record Your Dreams to control your dreams

Buy a small copy: it will be the diary of your dreams or diary. The dream you want to see, or hope to see, and write the memories that you remember.
  1. Keep your daily and a pen close to your bed, so that you can write dreams as soon as you wake up with the events of your dreams.
  2. Even after a delay, his memory will be tarnished.
  3. Computer word processors can also write their dream diary but it would be a better option to write it on a copy at an unambiguous price.
  4. Writing with the help of paper and pen will take a little more time, which will be a good match in your intelligence and dream
Just like the dream you want to see, write in the copy: you can call it your "dream dream". Every night before you sleep, you write. When you sleep, imagine the environment you want to experience.
  1. Make photos, and write about directions in detail: describe as much as possible; If you feel that the description has been over, then come to the point.
  2. The smallest thing is also important.
  3. Plan your experiences in your dream that you are aware of while dreaming.
  4. Do does not watch television or cinema before going to bed, otherwise, you will see it in place of your goal.
  5. Every morning, as soon as you get up, write your dream.
  6. If you have not even dreamed of your dream, you have not even dreamed of it, you write it down.
  7. Learn what to write with the help of "tips" written below.
  8. Like a player tied to a routine, you are teaching your mind to remember the dreams seen.
  9. The more you train your brain, the more clear and bright your dream will be.
  10. Write the dreams of your desired dream and the dream of the coming dream.
  11. Write as many features as possible Think about all the similarities and inequalities.
  12. W hen you consider the dream, keep in mind that the dream neither shows a clear image nor answers the questions just as your brain gives in the awakening state.
  13. Instead, the brain communicates with analogs.

Practicing jagaran to control your dreams

Remember your targeted dream again and again: Every night, repeat it as often as possible, before sleeping.
  1. After reading a thing or two, your brain understands that she knows what each word means and becomes lazy: she only processes her framework in place of words meaning. You make sure that before you sleep, the full meaning of your dream is clear.
  2. Lie down, close your eyes and think seriously about your targeted dream.
  3. Be patient Consider specific details.
  4. Regarding images like your targeted dream, watch the daydream as you would see in the subconscious.
  5. Y our subconscious will also produce many such images that will not have anything to do with your targeted dream, so lay off unfixed images and focus only on those who are affiliated.
  6. Imagine the sounds and conversations that follow in the background of your targeted dream; Imagine hearing them in your brain.
  7. Try to realize the perceptions related to your emotions, feelings, etc.
  8. If no sound or image is clear, then try to reconsider your dream in your dream book.
Try to see your dream's dream: Take yourself away from the whole dream. Imagine how it would look in your eyes.
  1. As you wish, try to bring your targeted dream to the exact same order.
  2. Be very patient but be patient. Do not get stressed. Just stay calm
  3. Take these images and sounds in your brain and go to sleep.
  4. Whenever you wake up, whatever it may be, remember the recording of your dreams.

    Get control in the dream

    Keep checking the "reality" throughout the day: Investigating the reality means asking yourself, "I am awake or dreaming?" By this, in the end, when you are asleep then the world of dreams and reality Will tell the difference.
    1. Investigating the reality draws your attention to the original differences in dream and reality: in dreams, circumstances are unstable; In reality, conditions remain the same. The text changes into different words in the dream; The colors and shapes of trees are clouded; Instead of telling the clock ahead, the rear starts running. In reality, the text remains the same, the trees fall into the ground and the clocks are run smoothly.
    2. There is a great way to check the text, both in reality and in dreams. As it is written on a poster in your room "Amitabh Bachchan" Fill your back for a minute and then look at the poster. It will be written on "Amitabh Bachchan", then the reality check tells you that you are awake. But if you look back and find that the poster is written on "Hema Malini" then the reality check tells you that you are dreaming.
    Receive proficiency in reality check: When you realize that you are dreaming in a dream, then you should understand that now your control over your dreams has begun.
    1. When you crossed the ditch and realized that you were dreaming, then calm yourself. If you get excited by the idea of controlling your dreams, then you will probably wake up due to accidental excitement.
    2. First, start with small activities. Again, remember that this is talking about stimulation control, not about accidentally getting up. When you have absolute control, then the dull things like cooking, stair climbing, or skateboarding can also be fun.
    Slowly move towards big activities: Many people enjoy flying, swimming in the depths of the ocean, and in the yatra. Try to move big objects around, move across the wall or try telikanense. Determination of the limitations of your dreams makes you imagine.

    advice to Control your dreams

    1. Sleep in a quiet area where there is no distraction (neither laptop nor eyed pad). Have full attention on the dream coming.
    2. Make sure you sleep with a complete sleeping plan. Very few sleep reduces the possibility of your distinct dreams.
    3. To know that you are dreaming, making a sign on the hand is also a method. When you sleep then think, "When I look at my hands, then I will realize that I am sleeping." When you wake up and find that it did not work, then try again. Ultimately, you will think only in your dream "My hand!" And you will begin to control your dream.
    4. Another way of controlling the dream is to look at the side of one hand and try to move the second needle backward. It will not happen when you are awake, but do this in the dream; If the needle behind the second starts running, then understand that you are dreaming.
    5. Put such a symbol on your head or roof, which you can easily see. Watch it carefully for a few minutes before sleeping, and then watch for a few minutes when you wake up. With this, you will be able to remember your dreams clearly.
    6. If you try to concentrate while going to sleep, you will stay awake. The purpose of the above-mentioned activities is (write a target dream etc.) that you focus your mind on the subconscious rather than your consciousness.
    7. Dream interpretation does not mean explicit dream, although there are similarities between the two. For more information on clear dream interpretation, read 'How to Lucid Dream'.
    8. In your dream register, record the following:
    •         Date
    •         When was the dream of past, present or past?
    •         Who was in the dream, familiar or unknowable?
    •         Your emotions and your mood
    •         Dream story
    •         Any particular thing seen in color, size, numbers, shapes
    •         Was there a conflict?
    •         What kind of problems did you come face to face like that?
    •         Was there something in the dream that you had ever dreamed of before?
    •         ending
    1. If you are afraid of spiders, they do not say in your dreams, "I hope that I will not see spiders in my dream". This gives your subconscious idea of spiders and they replace it in your dreams. Although it is fine when you want to conquer your fear.
    2. If you think that you are dreaming, try to count the fingers of your hands. In the dream, you will not be able to do it, whereas in real life there is no difficulty in it.T try not to dream about upcoming events (competitions, examinations etc.). If your dream is not good then it will only make you more concerned with these programs in real life. 
    3. When you are awake, imagine that you are dreaming. Make a picture of your hypothesis Do not worry about good bad, make a picture of what you are thinking before going to bed. She will help you to think and imagine. When you are writing your self, hurry so that you do not leave any details or forget it. Apply morning alarms at 3 o'clock, which will probably be time for your deep sleep. As soon as you get up, think deeply about what you want to dream about, look at some pictures, listen to singing or just hang around. The probability is that maybe you are in the sempit.
    4. When you go to sleep, then think about the dream you want to see and count down from high to bottom. Repeat this process every night.W whatever events have not happened, do not indulge in their detailed ideas.
      • Do not think about things you do not want to be. Your subconscious will use your fears against you! An app called DREAM: one can affect your dreams.
      • Do not be afraid of dreams. If you are afraid, remember that this is just a dream!
      • If you think that writing a dream does not help, you can make your dream a comic. This will not only record your dream but will also provide you some reason to be happy. It's just enough to write with photographs.
      • Just remember that it will not happen in a few nights. Be patient.

      Warning to control your dreams

      1. You will not be able to control your dreams immediately. Generally, novices have to make many efforts, and it may take several months to get complete control over the dreams. And if you are particularly patient, then perhaps it will never happen; So leave the trouble!
      2. If you stay calm and stable for a long time, you may experience sleep paralysis. This is normal; People sleep like this in many nights. Due to sleep paralysis, awakening inspired induced lucid dreaming may be there, but there is no reason to fear it.
      3. Do not do any inappropriate or truly silly work in your dreams: because its leak can start in your life (do not believe or think, some people think, "Well, if I can do this in a dream, then now I can do it! ")
      4. Be careful - after some waking up in the middle of the night (jerk), it does not sleep easily!
      Things you'll need to control your dreams
      •     Notebook
      •     Pencil or pen