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How to forget someone: When a relationship ends, it often seems that life is now unable to move forward. This person is everywhere and there is no alternative to moving forward immediately. Nevertheless, this should not happen. By improving their environment, controlling their thoughts and engaging their lives, they can easily become the object of the past. To forget this person, follow these steps, move on to more happiness, better health and fulfillment.

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Exit negative memories to forgot someone

Break the physical connection to forgot someone: If you are still getting from him or listening to his activities continuously, you can not forget him.

Consider these strategies to forgot someone:
Ensure that you do not meet this person during your day-to-day proceedings. If you go to a grocery store at the same time, or if you take the same route while returning home from work, then fix your programs a bit, which will make it even more impossible to meet in a coincidence.
For now, avoid those social gatherings where you know that he/she will be present. Delegate the host with humility that you hope the program will be good, and you are not coming only because you want to avoid a single misery.

To forgot someone Remove it from your electronic life: In today's day and time, most of the people we conform to do only through the screen. Even if you do not meet that person, it is very easy to know what he/she is going to do. Although something seems rude, remove it from all sides of the social media you use.
  1. Delete your contact information from your phone and email account.
  2. Stop her Facebook profile, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  3. Take any other measures to refuse unsolicited contacts. If necessary, change your email address.
Tell your other friends not to tell you what he is doing: Something must have been very interesting, but you do not need to hear it. If your friend forgets and takes his name from the event, remind him of his request by saying softly like this, "Jane, I'm sorry, but I have a lot of trouble when thinking about the bill. It would have been better if we talk about something else. "
However, you would like to add one more thing to this policy. Sometimes it will be helpful to end accurate information. Maybe this person has started drinking cigarettes or has gone to another city or his job has gone. Tell your friends that if they feel that knowing about something will help ease the relationship, then they should say that thing.

Get rid of anything that reminds you of it: Let your life eradicate all those things that bring the sad memories of this person. Not seeing these things day after day will help you move forward.
  1. If you are not able to get rid of certain things, then tie them and ask a family member or close friend to keep him in his house where he is out of reach. Request them to keep these things out of your reach for at least 6 months.
  2. Take a look in your MP3 player and delete the songs that remind you of it. Change them with encouraging, optimistic songs that encourage your self-confidence and feelings of moving forward.
  3. If you have a child or a pet with this person, then it is clear that you can never get rid of them. Instead, focus on the things that you did to nurture this organism and give it a good life.

Changing your possibilities to forgot someone

Prevent yourself from becoming a victim of revenge: Find it that you want to take revenge (meaning it experiences irritation, trouble or distress) means that you are still thinking about it. If you are attached to a feeling of change then you can not forget it and go ahead, so learn how you can give it up.
  1. If you believe in any higher power, karmas or cosmic justice, then suggest that in the end, it will get the proper result of their actions.
  2. If you do not believe that someone else will take revenge for you, then satisfy the fact that life is not justified. This person has hurt you unfairly, but this does not give you the right to do something yourself.
  3. Recall that old quote from George Herbert: "Living well is the best chance." Do not go ahead with your life and accept not to fall to its level, it communicates that whatever happened has no effect on you, and this will make it essentially marginal.
Put aside some time to express your feelings: If you have tried everything and still can not stop yourself from thinking about it then try a new path. Keep a limited time (like one or two hours) apart to write all your experiences about whatever happened to you. When the time is over or you have not left something to say (whichever comes first), keep the paper aside and put it somewhere. Next time, when you are tempted to think about this person, then say to yourself, "No, I have already expressed all my feelings about it. I will not waste my time doing it again."
  1. If necessary, give yourself 10 or 15 minutes to feel emotional each day. When this minute is over, ask yourself if you think about it tomorrow. As the days pass, you will need even less time. It also helps you to have a good experience to target that you are getting the least amount of time.
Share Your Mind to forgot someone: Fortunately, you control your thoughts. If you do not want to think about anything, then you are not obliged to think about it. Engage yourself in school, in work or in a project that can focus your attention. When you have other things to think about, then it will be tarnished in the background.
  1. If you find yourself thinking about them, then remove your attention. We all see daydream and find ourselves thinking like something that makes us wonder that we are thinking of them. 
  2. The moment you begin to crawl in your mind, tell yourself that you are not going to think about it, or you will think about it later (hint: you will not need it). Find someone to talk to, play a game, or any other thing that can distract you, even if it is only for a few minutes; You only need this.
Do not listen to any emotional music or see such a movie: Trying to forget someone, someone becomes ready for change or sadness in the mood. You feel that you are in a very sensitive place at the moment. You do not need any such external motivator that generates this feeling, so keep the music you listen to be encouraging and watch only the TV programs or movies that make you feel better.
  1. Ask your friends to keep this in mind too.
  2. They can bring some lightness to these things to get rid of your attention.
  3. When you want encouragement, call them, they will know what to do in order to be better.
Consider your value to forgot someone: It is possible that the person you want to forget has done something wrong. In the end, they did not understand the worth that you wanted them to understand. It is a type of person who should not have been there in your life. Understanding your value, it is very easy to experience. They did not treat you well, that's all. Keep yourself surrounded by those who behave well.
  1. Keeping your self-esteem in mind is easy to keep life moving.
  2. Remember: you are awesome! The whole world is in front of you and is full of opportunities.
  3. What are you going to do next?

Bring back happiness to forgot someone

Follow your desires: At the time you were going to spend with that person (or would have spent thinking about it), instead of adopting a new activity, keep yourself on the right path. Adopt a hobby which you always wanted to try, join an interstitial sports league, or start a new exercise. Whatever it is, it should be so interesting and entertaining that while doing it, you can not think of anything else.
  1. You will love to be proficient in any new skill and improve yourself. 
  2. You will start experiencing yourself as a new and better person, which is better than what you are trying to forget, will improve your self-esteem. 
  3. To make yourself better in this situation, you will be the best thing to do for your self-esteem and for your peace of mind.
Eat the right food and exercise: Do you ever go through a period when you can not stop yourself from eating unnecessary things and just want to see reality television sitting on the coach? And the irony is that you do not even feel good; Being lazy or unhealthy seems to be very bad. Dieting and exercising make it very easy for your conditions and energy to feel positive and positive in your relationship.
  1. Eat a meal that contains mostly fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free meats. Balance the food in fiber, protein, mixed carbohydrate, and sanitary fats (like fishes, almonds, or olive oil). 
  2. Stay away from processed waste foods which seem to be provocative at first, but in the end, you slow down.
  3. Aim to exercise 30 minutes a day, whether it is to stroll, swim, run or dance, or even clean the house. 
  4. If your program does not give time to do them at once, then do these in small pieces. Even small efforts, such as parking at the distance from the entrance, will be connected with this time.
To forgot someone Keep yourself surrounded by friends and family: The best way to keep your mind and work order busy, and to keep yourself positive is to keep yourself surrounded by the fantastic people who really love you. Engage with your mother, sister, your best friend, a playground, whatever the basketball team you are in. He will keep you laughing and will help you to understand that there are millions of things for you.
  1. When you feel that you want to hide your face by hiding somewhere, if you spend about an hour in your house, then leave it and accept that invitation and go out and participate in social gatherings. 
  2. At first you will not live to do this, but in the end, you will feel that you are happy to do it.
Give yourself some time: The human brain can treat very well. The old folklore "time fills all wounds" is always true and will always be there. Naturally, the brain starts focusing on the past and now, by forgetting the past and making it favorable to your choice. So if you've been a few weeks, stay relaxed. These things take time. If your endurance, then your brain will do this work for you.
  1. The process of getting sad is natural, in most cases it has to be tolerated. It has 5 halves, and it takes time to complete.
  2.  Have patience with you; You will see progress with the passage of time.
Forgive and forget: In the end, if you can not forgive them, then, in reality, it is impossible to forget anyone. If you are following all the above steps and still can not forget, try to forgive. They are mere humans and such things happen. Life goes on.
  1. Do not forget to forgive yourself. Because most of us can be more dissatisfied with ourselves more easily than others. 
  2. Remember, at that time you did what you did right. He did the same. 
  3. No one is at fault and no one can be blamed. 
  4. The passage that passed and it will remain in the past. And that's for the best; In this way, you are free to move forward.
Advice to forgot someone
    1. Forgetting someone can be helpful in moving forward for you, but do not try to forget whatever you learned from this relationship. If you have learned something then no time has been in vain.
    2. Never try to grow up to them. They would like to contact you, but remain firm on your decision and do not accept them back. Remember why you are separated from them.
    3. It is always difficult to forge a long-term relationship, just know that you are entitled to get better and nobody is perfect. Understand that life is moving and people too
    4. Do not become obsessed with "ending of bondage". Break the contact now, and stop the tendency to get off on your theatricality (like sending along "goodbye email"). Just stop.
    5. Do something different from what you could do with them. Begin to Flow to New Things
    6. Do not try to get your things back. Unless it is a unique thing like a diamond ring, then do not contact it to take it out, it is better for you. Let them go, DVDs, clothes, your spare toothbrush ... They are just accessories. Is it only worth taking back a normal cloth by living in his presence? Do not forsake your limitations for the trivial things.
    7. Do not rush to jump in a new relationship to forget the previous relationship. They will always fail
    8. Never try to hate that special person; Because when you try to hate them, they will become enamored and enveloped in your mind, which will tempt you every moment every moment to think about them. As a result, you will not be able to forget them but will be irritated.
    9. Remember that sometimes (or always) that person can remain in your heart, no matter how small.
    10. Do not check his friends' Instagram, Facebook or any social account. They can post a few laughing pictures with him and you will be really upset.
    Warning to forgot someone
      1. Never take shelter of violence.
      2. If several months have passed and you still can not stop thinking about that person, then meet A