How To Make The Relationship Stronger

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Talking to some people is a very difficult task. And this is why it is also considered the key to any good relationship.

If you want to communicate better in any relationship, you will not only have to keep your own thoughts but also listen to your partner's things in truth. If you want to learn how to talk better in a relationship, just follow these easy steps.

Keep your point to make the relationship stronger

Learn to explain your true meaning: Sometimes we can not keep it in front of what you want to say, you will have heard so many times that - when he says that "this" then it means that - Or, "what he really wants to explain to you, nobody knows ..." all this really seems so fun, because it happens with all of us.
  1. Sometimes we expect our partner to understand the real meaning hidden behind our points, but to rely on this thinking or to have it, it is not really true. Try to place your thoughts directly in front of it.
  2. When you keep your point, then keep some examples to explain the meaning of your things so that you understand the meaning of things spoken. Do not say so, that "I feel that you do not want to distribute any work at home ..." instead, say "I was washing all the utensils every night from last two weeks ..."
  3. Speak slowly as much as your partner can understand. Do not express your emotions in the same sense of anger, otherwise, your partner will not understand your feelings at all.
  4. Remember that if you keep speaking then there will be no cost for your talk. Keep all the things you want to put in front of, but just remember one thing, do not just speak, speak and speak, otherwise, your partner will be restless.
  5. By keeping your emotions directly in front of you, you can put the front of the face in conjunction with your intentions. It is better to point out that your boyfriend does not take you to a party, tell him the truth that is in front of him: That is, you do not want to see so many people again, because you have been working for a week You are upset about that, then say, "I do not want to do that, but really I am not in the mood to go to any party today."
  6. Use "me" or "me" sentences: do not start shouting or blaming it on any of your partner's mistakes. If you say, "you always ..." or "you never ..." then your partner will get excited and then he will hardly listen to your words and your attitude.
  7. Speak in its place, that "I have noticed that ..." or "Today, I feel like this ..." By discussing the issues centered on your emotions like this, your partner will not feel that you They are criticizing, and in this way, they will be able to reach some reasonable results of the discussion.
  8. Even so, "It seems more satisfying than yesterday, I think that you are ignoring me", "You are ignoring me".
  9. Then if you are speaking this thing through the statement "I", but this talk that you have spoken will make your partner less invasive and in such a way that it will start talking more openly with you.
You can stay as calm as you can: If you and your partner are discussing a hot issue, but then as much as you can try to be as calm as possible, all of you You will be calmer, the better you will be able to express your feelings.
  1. So if you are feeling angry when you are discussing, or you are experiencing anger even before starting the matter, then take a long breath until you talk well Do not relax for yourself.
  2. Speak slowly and in a similar tone to express your thoughts well.
  3. Do not speak in the middle of your partner. This way you will get even angrier.
  4. Take a deep breath. Do not get distracted in the middle of the discussion.
Keep positive body language: Positive body language will also help make your discussion positive. Look in the eyes of your partner and lean towards it. If you want you can also use your hands to show signs, but remember, do not shake them so much that you do not lose control, that you will lose your control.
  1. Do not bind your hands in front of your chest, otherwise, your partner will feel that you have already made your decision and you do not even want to listen to him.
  2. Do not get distracted by the things that are nearby, or else in this way will create uncomfortable energy.
Keep your thoughts in mind with confidence: This does not mean that you are going to be treated in such a way that as you are going to a business meeting.
  1. Do not show that your rights are being run in the room, do not shake your partner's hands loudly and do not keep your word in this way. At the place of this, show your self-confidence as much as possible who can be seen as fit in that situation.
  2. Smile in the middle, speak cautiously and do not hesitate, do as many questions as you can, or show your uncertainty when speaking your point, what you want to say. If your partner has a slight suspicion of your feelings, then he will not take you too seriously.
  3. The more confident you will be, the lesser the fear of keeping your talk in front of you in your heart. This will help keep your thoughts in front
  4. Before you begin, make a plan: this is an extremely important thing. When there is no hope of being debated in any matter, do not start talking arguably all of a sudden, and start speaking to your partner how much he or she does wrong.
  5. Even if you do not know why many reasons are unhappy, but if something is necessary at this time, then what you want to say, bring out your main point and think about what results you want from this discussion; If you want to feel bad about your partner's mistakes, then you have to consider it a lot before starting.
  6. Part of this plan involves when you have to start a discussion. Keeping some reasonable thoughts at just the right time, such as saying during a picnic or in the middle of a program, in this way you are making your own talk worthless.
  7. Think carefully about what example you are going to put in front of your point of view. Let's assume that you want your partner to become a good listener. So can you think of such a couple of sentences when he has not listened to you and you are very sad about it?
  8. Do not provoke him with bad things and criticisms, but with proper and solid evidence of your things, you will get all the attention of your partner.
  9. Do not forget your purpose - and that is to tell your partner why you are sad, bring out the important topic and find such a solution, so that both of you can stay happy, or as a couple, how you both Stay away from this stress. By keeping your intentions in your mind, you will be able to move right in every direction.

Listen to your partner to make the relationship stronger

Put yourself in the place of your partner: In order to know what your partner will have in a particular situation, you have to first think of yourself by using your imagination power by putting it in its place. Be aware also that there may be some things here that you do not have any information about.
  1. When he is speaking, once you try to think from his point of view, it will help you understand how much your behavior or circumstance is causing him so much trouble and why.
  2. If you live in anger or are unhappy, it may prove to be very difficult for you to think in addition to your debate, but this trick will be a solution to your problem very soon.
  3. Empathy plays an important role in solving the problems present in any relationship. You can express sympathy, saying something like, "I know you are getting very sad because ..." or "I know that you are very worried about your work today ..." And your partner will also feel that you are really listening to him.
  4. By keeping yourself in the place of your partner, you can get a lot of help by understanding his feelings and showing him that you are understanding his problems.
Give your partner freedom to solve the solution through his internal struggles: It is a great thing to talk about your problems, but sometimes your partner is facing some difficulties and thoughts himself.
  1. For this, it is necessary for some time even for himself. By giving him some time to think about himself, his chances of arguing will decrease and he himself will say something that will show you his remorse.
  2. There is a lot of difference between encouraging any discussion and dragging your partner in forcible discussions.
  3. Just say, "Whenever you want to talk, you are ready to listen to me, I am always ready to listen to you." It will help you in your partner's mind to see how much you care about him.
Pay close attention to him: When your partner wants to talk to you, understand those signs - and when this is something very serious.
  1. Whenever he wants to talk to you, you can stop talking to him by closing the TV, keeping your work aside, keeping your phone aside and paying attention to it, whatever you can do, listen to it.
  2. If you take a lot or get distracted in your mind, then it is likely that he will get bored far more than you. If you are really doing any work, then if you can do something, then that you should complete some time by demanding it, so that when you start talking, your focus will be reduced to wandering around here.
  3. It is better to show interest in seeing the things around them in the room, that you put your eyes in the eyes of your partner, and this will make your partner feel that you are really listening to him.
  4. First, let's say the whole thing, but shake your head or say, "I can understand how you are feeling ..." Speak something from time to time.
Let him speak: Even if he has said something very wrong or you feel that you should correct it, still do not speak anything in the middle of the discussion. Keep what you are trying to say, keep it in your mind and let your partner end his words. When he has spoken, then now it is your turn, and whatever you had thought, do everything one by one, say everything.
  1. When you have something to say in your mind and still you will find it difficult to stop yourself from talking to you in the middle of the discussion, but it will make it difficult for your partner, when he has removed all the trouble inside him Feel very good.
Keep the difference in mind: When you are listening to your partner, it is not at all that whatever he is saying you need to believe or understand everything.
  1. Then it does not matter how many of you are alike, are of the same age, and how many are devoted to your goals, but sometimes this time will come, when both of you are in a situation similar to each other You will not be able to see it, even if you have not presented your feelings well enough.
  2. And it is OK to be like this - Under both circumstances, both of you can think differently, and you will have to understand this, even with your behavior, your partner will also be able to keep your point in front of you.
  3. Understanding this difference will make you less frustrating than anything else when you can understand it well.

Building a Strong Foundation to make the relationship stronger

Maintain intimacy: This does not mean that you need to be romantic on the bed with your partner after having quarrels every time.
  1. It means to do everything by doing every little thing, try as much as possible, whether it is physically, whether in the form of care or if you are laughing, or just sitting on the couch, each other Hold hands and watch your favorite TV show.
  2. Try to be intimate at least a few weeks a week, no matter how busy you are - this will make you easier to talk when you have a very serious issue.
  3. Such intimacy matters more than physical intimacy. It means to look at your partner, and try to build a place for your mind, the things that your partner said, his body language or his activities.
Learn to recognize, when your partner is unhappy: Of course, it will be great if your partner informs you that he has taken a bad look at something, something is troubling him or he is unhappy. But this happens very rarely.
  1. If you want to keep a solid foundation of your conversation, then you have to try to understand every little sign of your partner's misery, even if they are being spoken in words, or without words. Understand the signals of your partner and say, "What has happened today, you are feeling very upset.
  2. Is anything troubling you?" Maybe your partner does not want to talk at all, but if you can understand his pain without even speaking to him, he would love to know that you care about him.
  3. When there is something very bad going on in someone's mind, then every person has his own way of expressing such problems, some people are very quiet, some say that I did not feel hungry, Badass start commenting, or some people become angry even on a very small thing, and they start talking upside down.
  4. This does not mean that you should say all the time, "What happened, what's wrong?" When your partner is feeling completely happy - maybe she is tired of her work. But every 5 seconds to ask him whether he is right or not is a different thing; This will get disturbed and irritated.
  5. Occasionally, body language conveys a lot in comparison to spoken words. Even if you have been a victim of some misunderstanding, try to reveal your feelings through things too.
  6. "I am trying very hard to understand, but I do not know why I can not reach there. Have I done something that you are angry with?" "No." "Are you upset?" "Yes." "because of me?" "Not really." You are narrowing your thinking. You will see that you are trying very hard in it, but in the end, you will understand its meaning from yourself.
Be active: You do not have to fight with every little thing that is bothering you, but you should be worth highlighting those serious problems which are really very serious about this relationship.
  1. Do not provoke yourself too much, and incite the fire of anger inside you, otherwise, you will argue on such an extremely small issue, which could probably be solved by a discussion. Keep some questions ready, so that whenever you think you need it you can keep them in front.
  2. Both of the people present in the relationship can solve any problem anyway, even when both are accepting that there is really a problem. The real compromise can only happen if both of them can give their views on one thing and agree on one thing by filling them with a word.
Reduce the burden of mind: Take some time to spend together. If you think that you have to spend all your time in just working and struggling to fight your problems, you will not be able to fulfill your relationship properly and will not be able to enjoy it.
  1. If you keep some fun moments in your memories and keep some good feelings and memories with your partner, then you might find you get less excited in the middle of any debate. A solid foundation of love and happiness will encourage you to fight hard times.
  2. Laugh together Then even if you tell a joke, watch a comedy show, or start laughing without any matter, laughing in this way will strengthen your relationship and prepare you to deal with difficult times.
  3. Learn to understand this, that when the each other, and nothing is going beyond it Only then, understand that the discussion is not going in any direction. You do not have to fight just fighting, in this way you are making the situation worse.
  4. Take a good breath at its place, tell your partner, that you both need to calm down, and if you are discussing an important topic, then say that we should talk to it again. This is a very easy and sophisticated way of keeping your point in control.
  5. Just say, "I think this thing is very important for both of us, but we should move it only when we both calm down."
  6. Just pushing the door or saying something upside-down, do not leave out. Regardless of how angry you are, always end the discussion in a positive way.
  7. Sometimes you start arguing to get the reaction of each other without any matter. If that's the case, then do not do that at all. Say, "What are both of us fighting for?" This will allow you to take one step backward and overcome this situation.
Learn to compromise: Being happy in any relationship is more important than being right. So do not hesitate to prove yourself right or to make your point all the time, otherwise if you do not go to romance with your life - and it will happen very fast. In its place, consider a solution to this problem, which could please both of you. This will help keep your relationship in front of your relationship further.
  1. Sometimes you will not be able to find the right solution in such a discussion, such as looking for a new Asian to live. But keep in mind that next time you can do this or you can be happy with the results of this discussion.
  2. Be Equal Every time no one can keep his side and you neither do nor do let it happen.
  3. Making a list of the goodies and evils of your relationship will help you find good solutions during the discussion and will get less angry.
  4. Sometimes when you are debating a topic, it is very important to think about it once, who cares much. This way you will be able to deal with the situation. If something is really necessary for you, but not for your partner, tell your partner about it.
Do not forget to appreciate each other: If you want to talk in a good and healthy way, then you have to take time to praise your partner, send some cute notes to each other, tell each other that How much you love them, and take the time to do things you like.
  1. Going to date in a week and sometimes going to Candlelight dinner will also help you to keep both of you together, to enjoy one another and to talk to you in a more and positive way. And it will also reduce the chances of a debate between the two.
  2. If any good relationship should tell you better things than telling your partner bad things. If you feel that he is doing everything right, tell him, praise him, he will like it.