How to Treat Foot Nails

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There may be blisters on your feet due to friction between your legs and shoes. These usually occur due to the excessive moisture (humidity) present in the skin. The blisters are not really very serious and can be cured at home, through antibiotics and bandages. Keep in mind, that the barks are usually best left to cure themselves, but the blisters with too much pain can be taken out keeping a proper tool and taking care of the cleaning.


Reducing Pain and Complications to Treat Foot Nails

Cover the blister: To avoid irritation and to avoid the risk of infection, the ulcers of the feet should be covered. Cover your skin with a soft dressing like gauze or loose bandage. If the bark wound is too much, then cut your dressing into a donut shape and keep it around the bark, so that the pressure from the straightforward on the scalp is avoided.
  1. Your dressing should be changed daily. Before dressing and touching the surrounding area of the bark, do not forget to clean your fingers thoroughly.
Use antibiotic ointment or vaseline: Antibiotic ointments help in preventing the infection of the bark. You can buy antibiotic appointments from any pharmacy. According to the direction given for this, apply it on top of your blister, especially before soles or shoes.  Vaseline alone will also be enough.
  1.     Do not forget to clean your hands properly before touching the bark.
Use powders and creams to reduce friction: Friction can cause cholera to become worse and its pain can also increase. To reduce the friction in your feet, buy powder from your local pharmacy, which is specially made for your feet. To reduce the pain, put it in your socks before wearing it.
  1. All the powders do not work for everyone. If a powder causes irritation in your blister, then stop using it.
Take care of the bloated foot: Just remember the extract to make your feet comfortable while treating the ulcer. When it is a blister, wear another exterior pair and loose fitting shoes of socks. This will reduce your pain and will help you recover the ulcers.
  1. If you want, you can also try to save your feet more and more while the blisters are cured.
  2. To reduce the likelihood of getting bloated, try changing your socks twice a day, usually, cotton socks are considered superior to polyester socks.
Avoid getting infected with broken bark: As long as the blister is not giving too much pain, it is better that you do not break it from yourself. It can reduce the chances of catching its infection. Let the skin of the skin come out of your own skin. Avoid touching it or irritating it repeatedly to stop the blister before it breaks.
  1.     If you have to walk, use moleskin to protect your blister.

Draining a Blister to Treat Foot Nails

Wash your hands: In very few cases, you may have to cut your very painful bark by yourself. You should do this only when your pain has become unbearable. Before the blister is washed, wash your hands well with antibacterial soap and water. You should never touch the blisters with dirty yeast.

Clean the blisters: Before the blister is destroyed, clean the surrounding area with water. Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or iodine use slow down the recovery process of the scalp.

Make your needle clear (sterilize): You will use a stitching needle to break your blister, but it is necessary to clean it well to avoid the infection.
  1. Clean the needle with rubbing alcohol, you can find it from your local drugstore.  
  2. If you wish, you can take rubbing alcohol from a bottle on a cotton bar or on alcohol pads.
  1. Alternatively, you can clean your needle by taking it from the burning fire until it turns red. Doing this, because the needle gets very hot, so use the clamps (tongs) to catch the needle.
Bleach the blisters: Take the needle and put it in the blade comfortably. Put it several times around the edge of the blender. Keep the blisters covered in its place and let the fluid drain out of the blister naturally.

Apply an appointment: As soon as you remove all the fluid from the blister, then make an appointment on it. You may also want to use Vaseline or Plastibase, which can be purchased from a drugstore. Use a clean cotton bud to rub this point over the scalp. [9]
  1. There may be irritation of the blisters due to some of the suggestions. If you see any kind of rash, do not use your own appointment.
Cover the ulcer: place one piece of gauze or bandage on top of your bark. While this will be fine, it will save any kind of infection without any help. Change the dressing twice a day, and when you change it, then make an appointment again. [10]
  1.     Do not forget to wash your hands well before touching the bark.

Seeking Medical Help to Treat Foot Nails

If you notice any glitch, then immediately seek the doctor: Most of the blisters are cured of their own. However, if you have any kind of confusion, you have to go to the doctor too. If you have any of these disorders, then make an appointment with your doctor: [11]
  1. A painful red and hot blisters or blisters with red stripes.
  2. Yellow or green pus
  3. A blister
  4. fever
  5. Diabetes, heart condition, autoimmune disorders, HIV or ongoing chemotherapy can make your blister gradually worse, due to which sepsis (rashes in the wound) or cells are formed.
Find out about any hidden conditions: Most of the blisters in the feet are very soft. However, other types of barks are also due to hidden conditions such as chicken pox and they have to be treated differently. According to other symptoms you may notice, before your doctor treats your blister, you will do some tests to check any condition hidden. If your blister is caused by a hidden condition, then your doctor will ask you to treat it.

Follow your doctor's treatment plan: According to the real reason behind your blister, your doctor will prepare a treatment plan for you. Follow your doctor's well-being and ask every question that arises in your mind before leaving the office.

Preventing Blisters

Avoid wearing such shoes that caused blisters: If your blister is worn by the new type shoes you wear or because of some uncomfortable shoes, then stop wearing these shoes. Buy such shoes that have a place for your feet and that you are a comfortable fit. Due to wearing the right size shoes, the possibility of further barks can be reduced.

Add mollusks or padding to your shoes: Inside your shoes, especially in areas where your shoes rub with your feet, make moleskin or padding. Moleskin can give slight padding and reduce every such friction and irritation, which causes blisters.

Wear socks that absorb moisture: You may also develop blisters due to moisture or it can make your existing blister even worse. Buy socks that absorb moisture. They will absorb the sweat of your feet and stop the blisters and any other injury from becoming too.
Advice to Treat Foot Nails
  1. As far as possible, avoid walking on it - even if the blister is right then there is a wound, so if you have decided to go to the sports, then first confirm it completely.
  2. If this is not hurting, but it is still there, then do not go for sports in such a way! 
  3. By doing this, you will only inflict more and more pain on yourself, and maybe you may have another blister.
Warning to Treat Foot Nails
  1. If you have a fever, your blister is not getting better, it seems to be worse or worse, it has become very red, it feels warm, or has become a stomach in, then show the doctor.
  2. Do not use the match to clean the instrument you are about to break the ulcer.